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  • Flash Sale - 20% OFF

    Flash Sale - 20% OFF

    Full Year Membership 20% OFF Only 5 packages available! Buy Now, start anytime in 2021 Inquiry for more details (786)538-7445 ....

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    As time goes by we learn that we can be part of two different families in our lifetime, First, we belong to our blood and generic family, the family we grew with. Second, there’s the family which we chose to be part of that we strongly identify ourselves with creating a great bond and sense of belonging. We believe that this was the holiday session is supposed to be about. ....

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  • Holiday Schedule

    Holiday Schedule

    Dec 21st to Jan 2nd Tuesdays 10:30am - Kids 6:30pm - Adults Thursdays Closed Saturdays 10:30am - Kids 11:30am - Adults ....

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    Wishing you peace, joy, and all the best this wonderful holiday has to offer. May this incredible time of giving and spending time with family bring you the joy that lasts throughout the year. ....

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  • Resilience


    One of the characteristics we admire most in people, is undoubtedly resilience. And there is a very simple reason for it. We live in a difficult, unfair, and often even cruel world. Still, we live in the best of times, where we have more health, comfort and technology than ever before, which of course makes our lives easier. but of course, that does not make things always easy. We will suffer defeat and we need to be prepared for them when they happen. We must always try to do our best, be disciplined, belong, nurture friendship, we must be inspired, and we must inspire… But still, things often go wrong. It is for this moment that we need Resilience, not accepting defeat, in ....

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  • Discipline


    If there is any common trait in successful people, that would be discipline. When we talk about sports and especially martial arts the first thing that comes to mind is that this is an aspect that will be worked on. Yes, it is true! Although not only athletes or sportsmen are disciplined people, it is a characteristic that can developed early in training. Consequentially when we think about the kids it’s the phase where this characteristic can be more easily worked on. What do we mean by discipline? Discipline is simply the idea of establishing a strong commitment to yourself, always. Motivation is the first step, the second one is to be disciplined. Discipline generates ....

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  • Inspiration


    Inspiration. The beginning of everything, which allows us to dream. When we're little, we need good examples around us. The creation of playful stories, cartoons, cultural symbols, help instigate and build up the imagination of the childhood "superheroes". Children are encouraged through these characters to do what is right, to do good, to help others. Superheroes, inspire! But right after the most childish phase when the child begins to understand that it is not real this benefit loses its strength. Now she needs to be inspired in the real world and her examples become even more important because they will directly influence and shape their character. Jiu Jitsu creates real ....

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  • Friendship


    FRIENDSHIP How valuable is it to know the person by your side in the trenches? More than the war itself. What would our lives be without our friends? Knowing that we have people who are ready to support us in our defeats and that they are the ones that celebrate our success is perhaps one of the main factors to justify our happiness. The phrase “Anyone who has friends has everything” may even be a little exaggerated, but certainly those who do not have them, have nothing. However, friendship is not an automatic or imposed thing, it depends on values and virtues. Not all people deserve our friendship, so the construction of values, such as respect, belonging, courage, ....

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  • 2020 Pan Am Success

    2020 Pan Am Success

    Last weekend, IBJJF hosted the prestigious Pan American Championship in Orlando. Our school was represented by 7 athletes who put up and great performance and brought home impressive 7 medals. Alliance School as a team placed 1st in Novice, 3rd Adult and 4th Masters division!! Come join us on the mat at Coconut Grove for some great training and awesome friendships ....

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  • Belonging


    How to give meaning to the lives of our little ones? One of the basic needs of the human being is undoubtedly to belong to something, to find a purpose that moves us forward and helps us to develop ourselves. This comes from the beginnings of the human race we are absolutely social beings. The creation of the “safe circle” is where we develop trust, empathy and belonging. Nowadays the lack of belonging is one of the great evils of our society. Responsible for different problems ranging from lack of purpose in life to depression and reaching the extreme where people who are so isolated no longer see sense in living. Fighting isolation and lack of purpose from an early age ....

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