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  • 7 Reasons to Start Training Jiu Jitsu

    7 Reasons to Start Training Jiu Jitsu

    For those of you know don’t know what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is, here it is in a nutshell. It is a grappling martial art, meaning the focus is on controlling your opponent on the ground. BJJ is similar to wrestling, but the crucial difference is that instead of the endgame being to pin your opponent’s shoulders to the ground, Jiu Jitsu practitioners master submissions that would incapacitate an opponent, including chokes, arm bars, and leg locks. If you’re like the majority of the world that has never tried Jiu Jitsu, you need to. Today. It will change your life (cheesy, but true) and here are seven reasons why.
    1) A valuable skill that requires strenuous exercise.

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  • Jiu Jitsu is back to Coconut Grove!

    Jiu Jitsu is back to Coconut Grove!

    We are so excited to get back on mats with our Alliance Family Our Phase 1 schedule is: Monday & Wednesday 9:00 AM - Adults - For Everyone 10:00 AM- Kids - For Everyone Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 PM - Kids - For Everyone 6:30 PM - Adults - For Everyone Saturday 10:30 AM - Kids - For Everyone 11:30 AM - Adults - For Everyone If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. We can be reached via phone at 786-538-7445, email at, or just fill out the Request Information form on this site and we will get right back to you. We can not wait to see you on the mat! ....

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  • What does it mean to be a real Jiu Jitsu teacher?

    What does it mean to be a real Jiu Jitsu teacher?

    I remember it like it was today, the first time I started training Jiu Jitsu. I was 13 years old and a school friend took me to a small gym in Posto 6 in Copacabana. The Academy was originally a Judo academy run by Professor Carlos de Tarso, and the Jiu Jitsu was taught by a student of Master Carlson Gracie, Toninho. The gym was very small, I believe the mat was no more than 50m2. We were pretty much the first Jiu Jitsu class there and it was less than a year before the gym closed. One detail that I didn’t know until many years later was that Toninho had also been Jacaré’s first instructor at the Gracie Academy. In the year that I trained there (I received my ....

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  • Essential Jiu Jitsu — The immutable principles

    Essential Jiu Jitsu — The immutable principles

    I received a question today from a friend of mine, Leandro Romano who is writing a book about Jiu Jitsu. It made me think, so I decided to share it with you. What are the immutable principles of Jiu Jitsu i.e those that never change over time? In order to have a better understanding of what constitutes an immutable principle, first we have to understand what ‘principles’ are, and what ‘immutable’ is. “Principles are a set of basic and unquestionable rules that govern or guide the interaction between beings.” “Immutable is everything that cannot be changed or transformed.” So immutable principles are a set of basic and unquestionable ....

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  • Get Coconut Groves Best Private Jiu Jitsu Training

    Get Coconut Groves Best Private Jiu Jitsu Training

    Our instructors at Alliance Jiu Jitsu Coconut Grove want to make sure you experience lasting success, whatever that means for you. Whether your goal is to slim down and lose weight, boost your overall fitness, or to master new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques and prepare for competition, we can help you achieve your goals. Private Training gives individuals from Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, South Miami and all surrounding areas the opportunity to train one-on-one with our team, get access to personalized coaching designed to meet your goals, and truly get a specially-tailored workout. Don’t let inexperience or a lack of direction stand in the way of making your dreams happen ....

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  • To become a Black Belt

    To become a Black Belt

    All Alliance students have the dream of becoming a Black Belt. However, this is not an easy goal and a lot of consistency and dedication is required. To fulfill the promise of facilitating students’ learning, Alliance Programs are structured logically to keep students motivated to learn, practice and perform. A typical Alliance Coconut Grove student starts with an introductory class, where he or she will learn the overall self-defense strategy of Jiu-Jitsu and afterwards enroll in the Fundamental Program. After four (4) months of training and learning all the techniques comprising the curriculum, the student will be recommended to join the Intermediate Program. With eight (8) ....

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  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will help you grapple with any challenge!

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will help you grapple with any challenge!

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more than just a martial art — it’s a combat sport, a self-defense system, and an effective fitness program. Our team at Alliance Jiu Jitsu Coconut Grove can help you explore the ins and outs of BJJ and personalize a training program to match your goals. Whether you’re hoping to learn to defend yourself and your loved ones, lose weight and build lean muscle, or to prepare for competition, we have your back. We are Coconut Grove's source for high-quality Jiu Jitsu training. Just sit down and talk with one of our instructors about how we can help you meet and exceed your goals! Just fill out the short form on this page to learn more or ....

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  • Alliance programs are comprised of six main elements

    Alliance programs are comprised of six main elements

    Set of coordinated techniques organized in the best possible way to facilitate students’ learning processes. Pre-requisite
    The minimum level a student must possess or have accomplished in order to enroll in a specific program. Class
    The defined period of time during which the student learns the techniques that comprise the curricula using several different training methods or appropriate instructional techniques. Training Methods
    Specific drills and training practices designed to convert the knowledge represented in the curricula and taught by the instructor into knowledge and skills, insuring that the student is able to apply their knowledge and ....

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  • Risk vs Consequence

    Risk vs Consequence

    A while ago, I heard someone ask the following question, “What is the difference between Risk and Consequence?” I must confess I had difficulty in responding, even though I’ve been living and working with Jiu Jitsu my whole life, dealing with adrenaline, defeat, victory, joy, sadness, anxiety, anger, confidence (or lack of it) — but I have never stopped to think about that question. I like to practice stoicism on a daily basis which teaches us how to focus on things in our control, rather on those we can’t. Obviously, there are times when this is difficult, but considering everything in life is ‘training,” I practice hard and I can feel my ....

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  • Success Does Not Happen Overnight!

    Success Does Not Happen Overnight!

    There is an old expression in Brazil: ‘sucesso não vem de cavalo’ which only makes sense if we go back in time to when horses really were the fastest way to travel. It means ‘success doesn’t come quickly.’ And just to elaborate even more with reference to the horse, “ocastigovinha àcavalo,” punishment also comes at the speed of a horse. It refers to the universal law of what you put out, comes back. Success does not happen overnight, it is built slowly for however long it takes. There is no time limit. Small changes in habit make you better a little bit every day. You don’t need much, if you were to improve 0.25% each ....

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