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  • Inspiration


    Inspiration. The beginning of everything, which allows us to dream. When we're little, we need good examples around us. The creation of playful stories, cartoons, cultural symbols, help instigate and build up the imagination of the childhood "superheroes". Children are encouraged through these characters to do what is right, to do good, to help others. Superheroes, inspire! But right after the most childish phase when the child begins to understand that it is not real this benefit loses its strength. Now she needs to be inspired in the real world and her examples become even more important because they will directly influence and shape their character. Jiu Jitsu creates real ....

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  • Friendship


    FRIENDSHIP How valuable is it to know the person by your side in the trenches? More than the war itself. What would our lives be without our friends? Knowing that we have people who are ready to support us in our defeats and that they are the ones that celebrate our success is perhaps one of the main factors to justify our happiness. The phrase “Anyone who has friends has everything” may even be a little exaggerated, but certainly those who do not have them, have nothing. However, friendship is not an automatic or imposed thing, it depends on values and virtues. Not all people deserve our friendship, so the construction of values, such as respect, belonging, courage, ....

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  • 2020 Pan Am Success

    2020 Pan Am Success

    Last weekend, IBJJF hosted the prestigious Pan American Championship in Orlando. Our school was represented by 7 athletes who put up and great performance and brought home impressive 7 medals. Alliance School as a team placed 1st in Novice, 3rd Adult and 4th Masters division!! Come join us on the mat at Coconut Grove for some great training and awesome friendships ....

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  • Belonging


    How to give meaning to the lives of our little ones? One of the basic needs of the human being is undoubtedly to belong to something, to find a purpose that moves us forward and helps us to develop ourselves. This comes from the beginnings of the human race we are absolutely social beings. The creation of the “safe circle” is where we develop trust, empathy and belonging. Nowadays the lack of belonging is one of the great evils of our society. Responsible for different problems ranging from lack of purpose in life to depression and reaching the extreme where people who are so isolated no longer see sense in living. Fighting isolation and lack of purpose from an early age ....

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  • Courage


    Courage Perhaps the most important quality a person can have. Allowing children to challenge their fears and insecurities in a controlled environment is critical for their development. This dynamic of coping with fear, not it’s absence, is what builds self-esteem and confidence. We live in a world that tries to protect us from everything and everyone, but the incapacity of this utopia is evident, the result is the formation of young people who are weak and unprepared for adversity, who end up trying to blame others for the problems they cannot solve. Jiu jitsu teaches in a playful and natural way to take the risk, get used to challenging ourselves ....

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    Which parent would not want to have a respectful child? This is one of the reasons why parents look for martial arts mostly, they are looking for “discipline and respect”. But what would respect look like in the parents mind? is it obedience? We believe that jiu-jitsu offers in the first place a different type of respect, self-respect. By encouraging the child to overcome challenges, we create and build self-esteem, teaching them not to give up, resilience, sharing tasks, empathy. By teaching one to self- respect in the first place, we are also teaching them to respect others. As we believe there is no respect in subjugation, it has to be a two-way street. In jiu-jitsu ....

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    If you are a parent, and you were curious about how your child could become a black belt, let me tell you something, it will not be easy. However it can be highly valuable and also one of the most important things you would give him. In fact you will give them the opportunity, the belt itself they will earn. But the first step, it’s yours. Perhaps what motivates you to have your child become a black belt is in order to establish a sense of security , thinking – “ if my child becomes a black belt he will be more prepared for this violent world” and this is true, but is not the most important aspect of being a black belt. Being a black belt goes far beyond that, ....

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    We can all agree one one thing: girls are strong! No matter what the age, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the few combat sports where it is common for girls to tap out boys (and vice versa). Boys and girls train together, as do men and women in the sport. While boys certainly have weight advantages as they age, girls often have other advantages. For example, smaller students find it easier to escape from certain positions and to defend against many attacks more effectively. In Jiu Jitsu, boys and girls have a unique opportunity to learn a strenuous sport where there is no clear advantage that boys have against girls. As often as we say “girls are strong,” there are many ....

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  • 7 Reasons to Enroll your Child in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Today!

    7 Reasons to Enroll your Child in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Today!

    We believe every child should experience the benefits of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling martial art, meaning the focus is on controlling your opponent on the ground. BJJ is similar to wrestling. However, instead ofworking to pin your opponent’s shoulders to the ground, Jiu Jitsu practitioners master submissions including chokes, arm bars, and leg locks. Here are seven reasons we think your child will benefit from training with us at our Coconut Grove Alliance location! 1) Prevent bullying. Fear of bullying has troubled many parents. The thought of our child being bullied, or possibly even bullying others, scares us. How can we best prepare ....

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  • Make Friends and Find Community Anywhere in the World

    Make Friends and Find Community Anywhere in the World

    There is an odd-yet-awesome sense of community amongst BJJ practitioners. When you travel anywhere in the world there is a strong sense of camaraderie. As a member of Alliance Coconut Grove, the most successful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team in the world, you will instantly have access to a worldwide network of teammates. These people are literally thrilled to have you visit their gyms, and will treat you like an honored guest whether you train there during an overnight business trip or an extended vacation. The Alliance Coconut Grove Jiu Jitsu community is full of love and support and our students make friendships that last a lifetime. ....

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